Blood Klot Tratzum is the biggest faggot in the school. He is a very weird and naive faggot, but always means well. Because Blood Klot is the biggest faggot, he isn't able to participate in many school activities such as The faggot Games. Blood Klot's best friend is Ashley von Ghoulfangs. (another faggot) Klot's father, Klaus Tratzum, is a famous pianist and giant faggot.


Blood Klot is much younger than all of the other little faggots. He wears faggy black shoes, faggy light-blue shorts, a faggy light-blue shirt, and a small faggy blue cape tied in front. Blood Klot is most noted by his large, yellow-orange faggot-like hat, which is circular with a dark brown trim. He has short, faggy brown hair.

Personality Edit

Klot says please by roses and feathers-d5tcchq

Blood Klot is very big faggot, and is quite a baby. He is easily influenced by his peers, and sometimes that can get him into trouble. He is easily scared by many things, and unlike the other faggots, Blood Klot has many fears and tends to cry whenever he comes across something he fears. When he is scared he usually runs to Gothetta Gothetticus, (another faggot) who he sees as a mother faggot-figure. As young as he is, Blood Klot has proven himself a smart and successful faggot in many occasions, even being the hero of many dilemmas his friends are going through. Blood Klot is always spotted with his best friend Ashley von Ghoulfangs (the faggot mentioned earlier), and is often seen carrying him around in a bassinet for his dolls. Not many faggots has faith in Blood Klot and his abilities as a faggot, but Ashley is always there for Blood Klot and giving him much hope and faith.

Blood Klot has mentioned that he feels pressured by his father, Klaus, due to his success as a famous pianist and giant faggot.



Princess Nerfativi Edit

Blood Klot admires Princess Nerfativi and wants to fuck her like a small puppy. He likes to show her silly things, such as his crotch and facts about his penis. Blood Klot thinks that Nifi has pretty eyes. Nifi doesn't get annoyed by him, as she finds him adorable. Due to the age, obviously the two didn't develop a relationship but Blood Klot had a small crush.

Trivia Edit

  • Blood Klot believes in the Fang Fairy.
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